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Faculty won't respond to my emails. What do I do?

Research professors lead busy lives, and sorting through hundreds of emails a day can be quite burdensome.  If your email doesn't stick out with the right information, it can be easily glossed over.  Stop by Ambassador Office Hours for tips and tricks to writing a concise, informative email to faculty members that will boost your chances of getting a meeting to discuss undergraduate research! 

Can I do research abroad?

Yes! Check out UROP’s opportunities, or contact an advisor in the Office of International Eduction for more information about research abroad! Students have the opportunity to pursue laboratory research abroad at different universities and research institutes, as well as R&D internships and co-ops in other countries.  

What is the Research Option?

The research option is a transcript designation for students very involved in their research.  It involves doing at least 9 credit hours of research, taking two 1-credit hour classes on proposal and thesis writing, and completing an undergraduate thesis.  The thesis will be published in the Georgia Tech Library of theses along with those of Masters and PhD students. See the Research Option tab for more information!  

Why should I do research?

Almost half of students at Tech conduct research in some form before they graduate.  Research is an opportunity to apply what you learn in class to real world problems. Students who go the extra mile in research really learn the entire problem-solving process - failure, success, and everything in between.  Research is a great topic to talk about in job interview; from the literature search process to communicating your final results, you will find that these skills will help you on the job and in everyday life.

Once I have a position, do I need to sign up for anything else?

Obtaining a research opportunity involves networking and meeting with potential principal investigators to find an opportunity that fits what you are looking for.  However, if you are doing research for credit or pay, you must register for the respective 2698/2699 or 4698/4699 class during Phase I or Phase II of registration so that it appears on your transcript for the semester.

What is it like to do research?

Everyone has different experiences with research, and most would agree that it is one of the most enriching experiences during their time at Tech.  Reach out to an Undergraduate Research Ambassador if you’d like to learn more about what they’ve learned from their research!

What expectations do research faculty have for students who are seeking research opportunities?

Professors know that students at Tech are all incredibly smart.  What they need to see is that you are a good communicator, show genuine interest in the research being conducted, and are consistent and willing to make at least a semester long commitment to contribute to the project.  You are not expected to have all the skills necessary to hit the ground running, but demonstrating that you are a fast learner and have skills that can translate to research are very appreciable!

Do I have to do research within my major?

Not at all! Research at Georgia Tech is interdisciplinary.  You are welcome and encouraged to reach out to research faculty on campus, even if their research isn’t within your major or even college.  May of the Undergraduate Research Ambassadors work in interdisciplinary settings. Stop by Office Hours to talk to an Ambassador about doing research outside of your major!

This is my first year at Tech. When can I start research?

First years and transfer students, do not worry!  Many first year students worry that they don’t have any skills that would be useful in a research lab.  You often do not have to have taken major specific classes to find a research opportunity. Stop by Undergraduate Research Ambassadors Office Hours for help getting on the fast track to a research position!

Help! I have no idea what I'm interested in.

It’s common to be overwhelmed by the vast network of research being conducted at Tech, especially when you begin to look around on the Internet.  Stop by Ambassadors Office Hours to chat with an Ambassador about different fields of interest. In the meantime, so ideas to get you started:


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