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This final report focuses on project and professional development outcomes from your PURA Salary Award research experience. Whether you plan to apply to research positions, graduate or professional programs, or industry jobs, you will likely be asked to write and talk about your undergraduate experiences. This final report is structured to help you develop a narrative of your research experience with concrete examples of your progress and development.

In your final report, please address the following:

Project Outcomes: 

  • Recap your specific aims, goals, or questions from your project description (Part 1 of your PURA Salary Award proposal).
  • Describe your progress, using language that can be understood by a wide audience.

Professional Development Outcomes:

  • Reflect on your research experience over the past semester. What were your successes and accomplishments? What challenges did you face? How did you grow as a researcher and scholar?
  • Consider the expectations outlined in your statement of mentor/mentee expectations (Part 2 of your PURA Salary Award proposal). How well did you meet those expectations? What might you do differently in the future?
  • Set goals for the future. Based on this past semester, what goals do you want to set for yourself? How will you work towards those goals?

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