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The mission of the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program is to empower students to better the world and themselves through discovery and invention. 

As an undergraduate student at Georgia Tech, you are building a foundation for your future, a future in which there won't always be a "right answer," but rather problems looking for solutions and ideas looking for opportunities. It will be up to you -- as an innovator, inventor, or entrepreneur -- to help find them. That's why there's no better preparation for your future than research.

At Georgia Tech, the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) makes it possible for you to begin participating in research now, regardless of your major. UROP offers the structure, resources, incentives, and encouragement you need to work hands-on with faculty, industry partners, and fellow students to explore the big challenges and questions. The projects you work on may change the world, and they will definitely change you, making you more appealing to employers or graduate schools and better prepared for opportunities that await -- or that you create.

UROP is a part of Experiential and Engaged Learning within Georgia Tech's Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education (OUE). OUE works to develop an intellectual community at Tech and to foster student-faculty interaction on campus. Our programs are available for all students on campus, and we encourage students to contact us anytime.