Course vs. Audit Credit

Course vs. Audit Credit

Faculty members serve as instructors of record for undergraduate research for course credit. Course numbers to use are 2699/4699. Students being paid for research or students who are volunteering can register for a non-billable audit course “Research Assistantship.” Course numbers to use are 2698/4698. Students should register for one hour of credit for each three hours per week they average on a project.

External Research

External Research

Students participating in research away from Georgia Tech may be eligible to have the experience listed on their official Georgia Tech transcript. Approval of the experiences, including length and time committed per week and actual work performed, will be solely at the discretion of the individual departments in which credit is being sought. All experiences must have an official Georgia Tech faculty co-­mentor involved.


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President’s Undergraduate Research Awards offer $1,500 semester stipends to fund an undergraduate researcher's hourly wages who is working on a project with a Georgia Tech faculty member. Students may also apply for up to $1,000 in travel award funding for reimbursement of travel expenses to present their work at a professional conference.

Grant Writing

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UROP is interested in collaborating with you on proposals related to undergraduate research. Simply contact Dr. Laura Williams, Director of Undergraduate Research, for additional information or to toss an idea around. The program is also planning to work with the Office of Development in securing additional funding for undergraduate research support. 

Contact Dr. Williams

Contracts & Grants

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Consider hiring an undergraduate researcher to assist on one of your own contracts or grants. Plan ahead and include an amount in your proposals or grants for future students. Most federal agencies are amenable to including students.

Research Option

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The Research Option provides students a substantial, in-depth research experience. The culmination of the Research Option experience often results in a journal publication or conference presentation. The Research Option (RO) is open to all undergraduate students, but it is tailor-made for future graduate school students and professional-track students who are planning a career in research and development after graduation.