All students are encouraged to do undergraduate research while at Georgia Tech. The research programs below represent an opportunity to share your research work with other students and faculty, learn about your field of study in an informal atmosphere, gain valuable skills and experience in presenting your work, all while making an impact on other undergraduates who may be wondering what research is all about.

Georgia Tech

Tech Tower
Georgia Tech offers a multitude of research opportunities for undergraduate student readily available during their time here as shown in the link above.


Lab Bottles
For all students looking to receive course credit for research done outside of the classroom, the picture linked above highlights the many options available.


Image of an old globe
Click the image above to get to a list of international research positions and programs, opportunities for funding international research, and important information about research abroad.


Flowers in front of the CULC
A combination of external and internal opportunities are available during the summer time for all GT students.