Select on-campus funding opportunities are listed below, as well as select off-campus opportunities for international research funding. As this is not a comprehensive list, we encourage you to search other databases for additional opportunities.

On-Campus Funding Opportunities
  • President’s Undergraduate Research Awards (PURA): The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program competitively funds individual requests by a student to support undergraduate student involvement in faculty research. The main emphases of the awards will be for student salaries (PURA Salary Awards) and travel expenses for undergraduates to attend professional conferences and present their research (PURA Travel Awards). Students should contact individual faculty members to first get involved in undergraduate research projects. Either faculty or students can initiate projects, but the application and proposal must be done by the student. For salary awards, a faculty/student team must apply by the deadline given for the semester in which the funds are requested. Travel applications are accepted at anytime during the semester in which the award would be used but must be submitted at least one month prior to conference date. Please wait to submit an application until your paper or poster has been accepted at the conference. Students may apply for $1,500 (max.) salary awards or $1,000 (max.) travel awards. Students are eligible for only one successful salary award per academic year but may apply for more than one travel award within the same academic year.
  • Georgia Tech Faculty Women’s Club Scholarships: Five scholarships of up to $2,000 each are awarded annually. In order for a student to apply, he/she must meet the following eligibility requirements: has completed at least one full semester at Georgia Tech, a parent or legal guardian is employed at Georgia Tech, a GPA of 2.75 or above, and has completed the application and essay requirements.
  • Joe S. Mundy Global Learning Endowment: The Georgia Tech School of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) is pleased to offer the Joe S. Mundy Global Learning Experience Endowment. This generous endowment has been established to allow selected CEE students the opportunity to participate in an international experience during their enrollment at Georgia Tech. Undergraduate students will be given priority in decisions to support travel, although there may be reason to support travel of eligible graduate students and faculty, particularly when accompanying undergraduates.
  • Office of International Education Scholarships: The Georgia Tech Office of International Education has information on several scholarships available to Georgia Tech undergraduate students who have applied to or will apply to a study abroad program. Some of these scholarships apply to work or research internships, as well.
Off-Campus Funding Opportunities
  • American-Scandinavian Foundation (ASF): The ASF's award program for study and research abroad has been the Foundation's most long-standing commitment to educational exchange. During the past 94 years, over 3,800 fellowships and grants have been given to Americans and Scandinavians engaged in study or research projects.
  • Forum on Education Abroad Undergraduate Research Award: This award is an honor that showcases the most rigorous and significant undergraduate research that occurs as part of education abroad programs. Every year, award recipients are invited (all expenses paid) to present their research at a plenary luncheon at The Forum annual conference. The annual deadline for nominations for the Award is at the end of June of that year. The Forum encourages its member to plan their nominations to work with their organization's calendars.
  • IREX Individual Advanced Research Opportunities Program: Provides scholars and professionals with long-term support to perform policy-relevant field research in the countries of Eastern Europe and Eurasia. IARO fellowships provide scholars with the opportunity to impact the formation of U.S. foreign policy by conducting open-source research on current regional issues of importance to the United State
  • US-Japanese Foundation Grants: For those interested in working in the media industry (print/online/broadcast/etc.) in Japan, the Foundation supports projects that seek to enhance communication and mutual understanding between the American and Japanese people.
  • Social Science Research Council Fellowships: Sponsors more than 40 interdisciplinary programs focused on specific areas of research, on building new fields, and on the education and training of researchers.
  • IIEPassport Study Abroad Funding: Free online database of study abroad scholarships, fellowships, and grants.