Faculty members who will be mentoring Georgia Tech undergraduate student researchers during the summer semester are eligible to apply for materials, supplies, or travel funding to support undergraduates working on research projects under their mentorship. Up to $1,000 can be requested from each faculty member per academic year.  Due to funding, we are not currently able to provide these awards.  


  • Materials and supplies must be directly related to a research project being performed by an undergraduate student or multiple undergraduate students.
  • Cost sharing for more expensive items is strongly suggested and should be discussed in the proposal.
  • Faculty can also apply for travel expenses for a student whose work requires being off-campus to pursue effectively. This does not include support for students presenting papers/posters at conferences which is covered under the President’s Undergraduate Research Award (PURA). Travel expenses for international research cannot be applied to traditional study-abroad experiences or work abroad.
  • Priority will be given to faculty and students working on projects which do not have other sources of funding.
  • Students must be undergraduates at time of use of award.


Your proposal should be a one to two page request for up to $1,000 in funding. The request must include the following:

1) Short description of the research project and the names of student(s) being mentored.
2) Specific proposed use of the funding requested (i.e., itemized list of materials and supplies or services with estimated costs or description of travel and estimated costs).
3) Additional information on why the request is key to the success of the research or how it would enhance the undergraduate researcher’s experience.
4) Indicate whether or not there is already financial support for this project from other sources and what level of support is already in place. Briefly describe the need for additional funds and how this request ties into the other funding.

Applicants will be notified of selections by the middle of March. At that time, additional information on use of funds will be provided to faculty mentors and financial point of contacts within the school of award. Please note that funds must be used before end of fiscal year (mid-June 2018).


A short final report will be required by the faculty (and students) to be due by the end of the semester. You may submit your final report here. In lieu of a short report, you can create a two-minute video that documents the research done by the undergraduate researchers and faculty mentor. If you choose to create a video, please email it to urop@gatech.edu by the above deadline.