1. Students are provided with a specific maximum (usually between $500 and $1,000) to cover costs associated with travel to a conference or symposium. The student is required to give a paper, poster, or exhibit their work in another medium that is professionally accepted in their field of study. Students should show documentation (i.e., copy of conference program, etc.) of presentation. State regulations require that monies disbursed for travel are for the actual amounts spent on transportation, meals, registration, etc., up to the maximum awarded by PURA and are paid by the traveler. Students pay for the trip up front and then file for reimbursement upon return. Receipts and a pre-travel authorization travel form must be submitted.

    It is the responsibility of the student, faculty mentor, and school financial point of contact to keep track of reimbursements and to not overspend the specified amount. Overcharges must be paid back by the school and will not be covered by PURA.

  2. It is important that you discuss your trip with your financial point of contact or their designee before the trip. The financial manager/officer in the faculty mentor’s school/college will assist with funding details and information related to travel and reimbursement policies and procedures.
  3. You will also need to submit a pre-travel authorization form through your mentor's department/school as either an employee or non-employee, depending on your employment status with Georgia Tech.
  4. Please note that airline fares can often be directly billed to Georgia Tech, so please discuss this with your mentor’s department/school point of contact.
  5. Georgia Tech policy states: “Reimbursement requests are to be submitted to Accounts Payable within 45 calendar days of the last day of travel.” Waiting to submit your travel requires the school to obtain additional approvals and could jeopardize your reimbursement.
  6. A final report must be submitted by the last day of finals of the award semester to the UROP office. The report, submitted online here, should provide a short description of the work presented and the student’s experience at the professional meeting.
  7. TRAVEL ABROAD - Students are required to complete the appropriate paperwork associated with travel on a foreign trip.  This is the International Travel Registry form and it is required for approval of your PURA Travel Application. The OIE webpage here provides the appropriate forms and additional tips and information regarding traveling abroad that might be helpful.  Our office will review the location of travel with the State Department website.  The location of travel must be at a Level 1 or Level 2 travel status for your request to be approved.  Students may ignore information on the website that is not pertinent to their involvement.