Are there any negative consequences for declining a PURA award?

No, you can decline an award without any negative consequences.

If I'm awarded PURA and don't accept it, can I use it next semester?

No, in order to receive an award for the following semester, you would have re-apply for that semester.

Can you receive multiple PURA awards?

You cannot receive more than one salary award in a single academic year. The academic year starts in the fall, and ends with the summer semester, thus it is acceptable to receive a salary award in the summer and then in fall since it starts a new academic year. You can receive a PURA salary award and a PURA travel award in the same academic year.

Can you apply for and receive PURA if you are an international student?

F-1 and J-1 students are able to apply for a SSN and receive compensation through PURA. However, H-4 students are not eligible for a SSN and therefore cannot be awarded PURA.

How do faculty members submit letters of recommendation on my behalf?

Once the student has submitted their online PURA application, the faculty member that they designate will be notified via an automatically generated email to submit a letter of recommendation.

When is the PURA application deadline?

Travel applications occur on a rolling basis and are accepted any time of the year. Salary applications are due at 11:59pm on the designated deadline date. Both the student application and the faculty recommendation letter should be submitted by this date, and therefore students should give ample time for their faculty mentor to submit their recommendation.

May I apply to PURA if I'm conducting research at GTRI with a research scientist?

Yes, students wishing to work at GTRI may also apply with a research scientist as the research mentor. Please note that some GTRI labs may require U.S. citizenship.

I was awarded a PURA, but I am having trouble enrolling in 2698/4698. What should I do?

We recommend that you contact your academic advisor.

If I was awarded PURA but didn't use all of the monies allocated, may I continue to get paid from PURA the following semester?

No, PURA funds may only be used in the semester of the original allocation. All PURA funds not used will be automatically returned to the PURA account upon the end of the semester.

Can I receive a PURA salary award during a semester that I'm co-op'ing?