If you are interested in participating in the Research Option, please read the following information carefully. Provided below are the minimum program requirements necessary for graduation with the Research Option designation. As the exact requirements for completion of the Research Option vary by academic school, some schools may have additional requirements.

Completion of at least nine credit hours of undergraduate research.

Research hours should span at least two terms, but three terms is preferred. Research may be for either pay or academic credit (2698/2699 or 4698/4699).¹ At least six of the nine required hours should be on the same project.  This research must be done with an approved Georgia Tech faculty member. 

Completion of LMC 4701.

At the latest, students must take LMC 4701 (Undergraduate Research Proposal Writing, one credit hour) the semester prior to their final semester of undergraduate research. Students who have already completed their research project and do not intend to continue the research cannot enroll in LMC 4701. In this class, students will complete a research proposal outlining their research topic and project for the thesis.

The research proposal must be signed and approved by the student's faculty research mentor and one additional faculty member. Once approved, the signed proposal should be uploaded here. All proposals must be approved and submitted, at the latest, before the student takes LMC 4702 and their final term of research. We would prefer that you complete and submit the signed and approved proposal upon completion of LMC 4701.  An approved proposal is required for admission to LMC 4702.  Please note that this course is a pre-requisite for LMC 4702. 

Completion of LMC 4702.

In this class (Undergraduate Research Thesis Writing, one credit hour), students will construct an undergraduate research thesis or other substantial written report based on their findings. Once the thesis or other substantial written report is finished, it must be approved and graded by the student's faculty research mentor and one additional faculty member ("second reader").

Submission of signed certification form.

Students must get all required certification form signatures from: (1) the faculty research mentor, (2) the second faculty reader, and (3) the school undergraduate coordinator. A copy of the completed and signed certification form must be turned in, at the latest, to the UROP office in Clough 205 by the last day of finals of the student's graduating semester.  Certification forms for each school are located here.

Thesis archival in Georgia Tech's ETD Submission System. 

Students must upload their completed thesis to Georgia Tech's online thesis database (or appropriately embargo the thesis for one year) by the last day of finals of the student's graduating semester.

¹Please note that students must sign up for the free, audit course (2698/4698) within their mentor's school in order for the paid research to count toward the required RO hours. If research for pay is chosen, an equivalent number of hours of electives in your major must be taken in order to meet general degree requirements. For example, if you take three hours of the 4698 course in your major, then you would need to substitute three hours of a typical elective course within your major in order to graduate. Please discuss this with your academic adviser.