Application portal for SPRING 2024 is now OPEN.


President's Undergraduate Research Award (PURA)

The PURA Salary Awards offer a $1,500 stipend to undergraduate students who are conducting research under the supervision and mentorship of a Georgia Tech or Georgia Tech Research Institute faculty member. The proposal consists of 2 parts: Part 1 is a 2-page project description, which must be written by the student, and Part 2 is a 1-page statement of mentor/mentee expectations, which the student should develop in consultation with their faculty mentor.

Please note: the mentor/mentee expectations statement is a change from previous PURA Salary Award application cycles. The statement is an important part of the application, and students should set aside time to discuss it with their faculty mentor. See below for more information about this component of the application.

Students: Please read all rules, eligibility requirements, and application procedures below before applying. Be sure to share this information with your mentor.


Come ask them at our:

  • Information Session 
    • Wednesday, September 13 from 6:30-7:30 PM, Clough 144
    • You can find a recording of the session (slides and audio) here
  • Virtual drop-in hours on Zoom (Join here for one-on-one meeting; we will admit attendees from the waiting room in order of arrival)
    • Wednesday, September 27 from 4-5 PM
    • Monday, October 2, from 3-4 PM
    • Wednesday, October 4, from 1-2 PM

Rules and Eligibility

  • Applicant must be an undergraduate student in good standing (GPA > 2.0).
  • A Georgia Tech or GTRI faculty mentor is required for the proposed research project. (NOTE: Grad students and postdocs cannot be supervising mentors.)
  • Students who receive a PURA Salary Award must register for the non-billable (free) audit courses 2698 or 4698 within the school of their faculty mentor. See for more information about how to register.
  • Students are not allowed to receive academic course credit (e.g., register for 2699 or 4699) for a research project funded by PURA.
  • Students are limited to one salary award per academic year (Fall, Spring, or Summer).
  • Students are not eligible for PURA funding if the research project is receiving funding from another source.
  • Co-op students or students with full-time paid internships during a semester may not accept PURA funding during that same semester.
  • Students who receive a PURA Salary Award are required to submit a final report or optional short video outlining their research experience. The report or video must be submitted by the last day of finals of the award semester.
  • Please note that per Georgia Tech’s Training in Responsible Conduct of Research Policy, students who receive a PURA Salary Award must complete an online ethics training course prior to the start of the research semester.


How to Apply

A complete application consists of the following:

  • Online application form
  • PDF of proposal, including Part 1 and Part 2 
  • Mentor Confirmation Form

Application form

The form asks for information about the student and their faculty mentor and provides a place for the student to upload their proposal in PDF format. The online application form can be found here


Part 1: Project Description (should not exceed 2 pages, plus citations)

The project description should address the following:

  • Background and Significance: Provide essential background information and describe the significance of your proposed project.
    • After reading this section, reviewers should understand the broader topic, problem, or challenge that your project addresses.
  • Specific Aims, Goals, or Questions: Outline what you will investigate during your proposed project. Remember the duration of the funding period is one semester.
    • After reading this section, reviewers should have a clear sense of the objectives of your proposed project.
  • Approach: Discuss how you will address the specific aims, goals, or questions outlined in the second section. Briefly describe the relevant methods and techniques, data collection or analyses, and resources used.
    • After reading this section, reviewers should understand your strategies for pursuing your objectives.
  • Outcomes: Explain how conducting the proposed project will contribute new knowledge to your field and impact your professional development.
    • After reading this section, reviewers should see the benefits of the proposed project.

Note that reviewers may not have specialized expertise in your specific field. Write your project description with a wider audience in mind.

*Clarification added on September 25: The text of your project description should not exceed two pages; however, your list of citations can be in addition to those two pages.

Part 2: Statement of mentor/mentee expectations (should not exceed 1 page)

For this application cycle, there is not a formal template for this statement. The student should develop this section in consultation with their mentor. It should serve as a summary of what the mentor expects of the student and what the student expects of the mentor. Topics for discussion may include:

  • amount of time committed to the project
  • who will work directly with the student on the project
  • preferred methods of communication between the student and mentor
  • where important data, notes, and other materials should be recorded or stored
  • how the student will acquire any new skills needed to pursue the project
  • whether there are opportunities to continue research after the funding period

Students are strongly advised to consult with their mentor well before the application deadline to develop this part of the proposal.

Mentor Confirmation Form

Once the student submits the application form, which includes uploading the proposal, an email will be automatically sent to faculty mentor listed on the form. This email includes a link to a mentor confirmation form. Confirmation forms must be received by the application deadline. Applications are considered incomplete until the confirmation form is received by UROP. It is for this reason that we advise against waiting until the last day to submit an application

Note to mentors: The confirmation form is a change from previous PURA Salary Award application cycles. We eliminated the student evaluation fill-in fields and ranking question. Instead, the updated form collects basic information and lists "check-box" confirmation statements. By streamlining this form, we aim to enable mentors to spend time discussing the mentor/mentee expectations statement with the student. We welcome your feedback on this change and invite you to contact with any comments.